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In 1946, Dr. Abidi started his activity as the first drug manufacturing unit in the country with the production of pharmaceutical pills and began to produce cosmetic products after some time.

The founder of this company is Dr. Gholamali Abidi, who was born in June 1920. He entered the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy ,University of Tehran in 1938, and he graduated with a PHD  in pharmacy.

The first drug license was granted to Dr. Abidi by the Ministry of Health and during his lifetime he performed valuable services. He died  in 2004 as the father of the pharmaceutical industry in Iran.

Dr Abidi Cosmetic & Health Product Categories

Dr Abidi Trademarks of Dr. Abidi Co.


Nattel is the oldest brand in Dr. Abidi's company. Nattel's shampoos is produced with the highest quality and highest levels of skin and hair compatibility for dear consumers.

At present, Natal's toothpaste, a variety of creams and new shampoos are being manufactured and supplied.



Khakestar is one of the oldest dishwashing liquid brands in Iran. The Khakestar dishwashing liquid with the golden formula of Dr. Abidi with a high active ingredient and a very powerful cleansing effect for many years that is friend for your hands.

At the moment,  laundry liquid for colored clothes and for dark clothes and khakestar handwashing liquid with the highest quality and produced with the best and most quality raw materials available to respectable consumers.


Dr Abidi Cosmetics Company Customer's Testimonials

The raw material of 'Miracle' is the newest, best quality and the rarest one organic standard materials in the world, with its production line from Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The purpose of this product was to encourage national production of organic products in the country.

Ali Naghib

Head of Board

Dr. Abidi Health Company has produced an organic product for the first time in Iran. Miracle Cream is a facial cream, this product is completely formulated in Iran and is produced in herbal form.

Dr. Rasool Dinarvand

Former chairman of the Food & Drug Org.

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